You Won’t See This in a Video


This side table was originally scheduled to be one of the eight projects in our most recent videos. It actually made it through the first day of filming: the preparation.

yellow table beforeOn the second day we filmed the painting for the tutorial. I didn’t anticipate it would need 4+ coats of paint to cover the gray oil based paint. When it was time to film the finishing process, our little table was not up to the task. It needed another coat of paint for complete coverage. Chalk Paint drys very quickly, but there is still a limit to how many coats you can apply in a day before the paint lifts back off onto your brush. That is exactly what happened when I tried to add an additional layer an hour before we started filming:(

yellowtable copyAnd although it won’t be included as a video tutorial, I did go ahead and finish the project. Here is how I did it. Using Chalk Paint I layered 5 coats of Arles (it rarely takes that many coats to cover) followed by a wash of Old White. Clear wax to finish. It turned out very well even if it didn’t make the cut. Lesson learned: Allow adequate drying time between coats of paint and never try to hurry the process:)

Arles is a sunny yellow without being too bold. If you are looking for a cheerful project you will want to see these Arles posts:  Inspired by Louis Vuitton, Arles and Old White, and Only Three Colors.



Melanie Parker

I love this piece but really like the color of the chest below – can I find out what paints were used on it? Thank you.


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