White Washed Bench



White Washed benchOne way to freshen up your outdoor wood furniture is to give it a quick coat of diluted Chalk Paint. Using a wash instead of a solid opaque layer of paint, allows the carvings, details and grain to show through. No prep needed beyond a quick cleaning, it’s an easy 1 hour project. Allow the paint to fully dry and protect from rain for a few days to allow the finish to harden. After that your good to go (never use wax on objects left outdoors). You can just sit back and enjoy your garden blooms.

This is the time of year to search for bargains in patio and outdoor furniture in the thrift stores and flea markets. Just like any seasonal item, the best selection is available early in the spring. If you are looking for inspiration of the garden variety, be sure to check out these posts: English Lavender,  Paint a Patina, and  Patina and Verdigris.

I like Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for my craft and furniture projects, but for walls nothing compares to Pure & Original Fresco Lime Paint. Checkout my most recent interior design make overs with Fresco. It can be purchased online at www.502paint.com



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