Watercolor Pops

Annie’s Blog last week featured a  great new technique of watercoloring with Chalk Paint. I love to experiment and try new ways to use her fabulous paint. I hope to have something to post on it later this week.
However, in the meantime, here is another of my color cards, this time based on watercolors and popsicles…… just for a little fun.


Leslie Stocker

You must be an artist ! I love watercolor but as a medium it completely frustrates me. Something I can manipulate and refine, i.e fix my mistakes, works best for me. No surprise oils paints and I are friends. Too bad about all those toxic chemicals and environmental issues….I try to use them as little as possible these days. What medium do you prefer?


I am not an artist. I just appreciate it. My sister has a natural artistic ability. She can do watercolor when she is in the mood for painting which is not too often.


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