Watercolor Plaid


watercolor plaid

Ever since Annie Sloan had featured on her blog (link to post here) a watercolor technique she used on a chest of drawers,  I had wanted to try something similar. I had also been inspired by the beautiful bright plaids found on silk fabrics used in interior design. Having met all my deadlines (yea!), I found myself with some extra time to experiment, and be a little more playful in my painting. This is an old chest of drawers I’ve owned for a long time and it has been painted more than once. A perfect candidate for a new, shall we say, whimsical look.

Using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®, in all the colors shown above, I put each one on a separate paper plate. I also had a large container of water that I used to repeatedly to wet my brush. Using a single brush for all the colors I painted wide horizontal stripes on the front and sides. The paint ended up very diluted and a little drippy but I liked the way the colors blended together making the stripes more varied and less defined. After it was dry, I painted the random  more opaque, vertical stripes with smaller brushes.

You may or may not like the way it turned out. It certainly isn’t for everyone. And it probably won’t stay like this forever. But it was fun and didn’t feel like work. I need to recharge my creative batteries from time to time and a project like this helps me do that.  So does walking my dog and working in the garden, but since I blog about paint and color, I thought this project would make for a fresh, interesting post for today.

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