Video: What You Need to Know About the Three Main Cleaning Solvents Before Painting Furniture



What are the three main solvents used in furniture refinishing and painting? In this video tutorial I explain what they are and when to use them to prepare your vintage furniture for decorative painting.

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Jana Miles

I’m really enjoying your video series, Leslie. This particular segment is very helpful. I also appreciate that each video is short, packing in a lot of information efficiently. Thank you!


Leslie just to make sure I have the sequence down, do you clean with TSP first, then clean with one of these solvents? Or are these an alternative to the TSP?

Leslie Stocker

You use the solvent Mineral Spirits to remove any wax or furniture polish.(this is actually more important with other types of paint.Chalk Paint adheres over most anything) Instead of TSP you can use any liquid soap in water. But you will need to rinse. Tsp requires no rinsing.


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