Video: Mixing Chalk Paint for Tints



In this video, I’ll show you how I lighten a chalk paint by adding a color, like white to emperor silk (red). Mixing chalk paint can be intimidating – it’s expensive and for large projects, you may be mixing pints – that’s not something you want to mess up. Here’s what I do before I start mixing large amounts of paint. In my next video, I’ll show my finishing step to getting the right mix and tint.

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Melinda white

I have noticed tiny white spots after applying Anne Sloan paint. Looks like small white paint drops. I see it after I sand and or wax.
Especially notice when I use a darker color probably because it shows up easier.
I do not use primer and there is no white beneath.
I’ve thought it could be lint from cloths, something in the paint or wax? There are very few but embedded. Any thoughts?


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