Video 41 Painting Shadows and Highlights Part 3


In Part 3 of this video series, Painting Shadows and Highlights, I show you how to seal your chalk paint finish, and discuss the benefits of using wax vs polyurethane.




In my video series  #29 Let’s Do Terra Cotta, I show how to paint a plastic garden pot with Chalk Paint for a terra cotta look.  I take it one step further in Video #30 How to Make Your Terra Cotta Look Old, where I demonstrate how to use chalk paint to create age and patina.

In Video #31 we create a stone surface on another plastic pot and finish the process in Video #32 Adding Age and Patina


carol centracchio

I make my own chalk paint. I can’t afford Annie Sloan. MY question is I want a dark wax but can’t find it. I bought 2 do far and they weren’t dark enough. Would you know of any Dark Wax (other than Annie) I can get for chalk paint furniture?

Stacy Raymer

Try briwax. I use their dark wax all the time. Available on Amazon.

French Quarter

Love you videos I’m a newbie and need all the help I can get. You make it look so easy.
However I don’t think I will find it that easy, but will give it a try x

Thank you!!


I have always used Annie Sloan wax and prefer that method. However, I am considering using Polycrylic on table tops because I have had clients who don’t take good care of their table tops and set wet drinking glasses on them. I had a client spill wax from an electric candle and melted the wax and topcoat! I have used Artisan Enhancement Topcoat (The only topcoat Annie Sloan recommends) but find it remains soft. I was told by our local stockist that it will remain soft if you live in a humid area. I’ll be experimenting to see if the polyurethane or polycrylic (which does not yellow over time) give the same patina that the wax does! I am open to suggestions! Thank you for your very informative videos & blog! You are always a creative inspiration!


I love the waxed finish on chalk paint. It feels soft , warm and smooth. In the past I used polyurethane and was happy with the finish but I won’t go back to it as long as I’m using Chalk Paint.


Love the things I’ve learned from you! Today, for instance, the part about decanting the paint from the can into to a squeeze bottle for dispensing, then starting the project with the remains in the can. QUESTION: Where did you find the ‘Paint Ease’ bottles? Did I miss this in an earlier blog??


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