Video 40 Painting Shadows & Highlights Step 2


In this video, I’ll show you step 2 – painting a solid first coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Duck Egg Blue and adding shadows and highlights with chalk paint.


video 40


If Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Duck Egg Blue is one of your favorites, you’ll love these posts: Patina & Verdigris – 1 Year Later,  Reader Request,  and  On the Bench. One of the techniques I use in this video is dry brushing. If you want to more about this popular technique, click on,  Video: How to Dry Brush, What You Need to Know




Hi Leslie~ these are helpful videos… when you are highlighting and painting your shadows, you are using the same brush as your basecoat? Does that help with the blending? I’m still a separate brush/color painter but I have a feeling that’s why my blending doesn’t look as natural…. Thanks!

Allison yost

Hi Leslie I love these videos. Where is the “like” button and how do I subscribe? I am doing this on my iPad not sure if it makes a difference.

Debra Griffey

Planning to paint bedroom set – have pure white- but like the concept of creating highlights and shadow – would old white and coco be best choice?


I LOVE this look and have been wanting to try it for several months. Have finally started, but having more trouble than usual with brush strokes showing where one pass ends. Any suggestions?

Barbara Boyle

Starting to retouch my grandmothers French style vanity that’s close to -00 years old. Using duck egg, but I picked a gre AS color for highlights. Fingers crossed. I also need to find a not too yellow gold trim more of a silvery gold leaf.

Debbie Suderman

I am painting a china hutch with duck egg blue, a few highlights of Versailles and old ochre. My question is, do I paint the hutch duck egg blue, and then whitewash the other two colors to get that old washed out look? Thanks so much for your guidance.


How do you decide when to use which brush? I’ve noticed sometimes you use the round brush and sometimes the straight. Is it about texture or the lines of the piece or both?


Has anyone had to shellac a mahogany piece before Annie’s chalk paint, for bleeding. I have started some sanding on the old secretary’s desk. Still a job, but I don’t want it to bleed. Then I am to spray the shellac spray when I am done. Then lightly sand, then paint. I hope all this will be worth it.


Make sure you finish all the sanding you need and put a final coat off shellac on before you paint . If you shellac, then sand again, you’ll sand some of the shellac off and you may get bleeding in funky spots ! I paint shellac on- it’s dries so fast and is very easy to use …..


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