Video 38: White Washing with Chalk Paint® Step 3


In this final video on White Washing with Chalk Paint®, I seal the finish using Annie Sloan’s Clear Wax and I show you how to accentuate the carvings and details with Annie’s Dark Wax.

**Edit: Ok, I’m more than a little off my game in this whitewashing series. In the tutorial, I mistakenly say I used Pure & Original Classico Paint when in fact I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®, Old White. This was the 21st of 22 videos we filmed that day and we jumped back and forth between projects, as we had to let things dry. Obviously filming that many videos at once is beyond my capabilities and I won’t be doing that again.  I did use Pure & Original Classico for some of the other projects, although not this one, and I do love it, but this series was all Annie Sloan, which I also love, start to finish. My apologies to everyone.

Video 38


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Leslie Lansing

Hi Leslie,
I have used dark wax on a couple pieces. It is definitely a product that takes lots of experience to work with. I would suggest you strongly recommend practicing on sample boards. Even, if you think you are using a “little bit” it is still to much……lesson . learned and lots of clear wax to wipe it away. However, it is definitely worth the look.
Thanks for your informative videos. They gave me the courage to venture out to layering and distressing.
Leslie Lansing

Pat Martin

I’ve used dark wax on a few pieces now. One I mixed it with clear wax and the others just the dark wax as you did in this video. I love your videos and techniques. I’m learning so much from you. Thank you!

Jackie Youmans

I have a question regarding your using 3 colors on a piece. What is the process. I refinished my pantry doors and decided to use coco, old white and pure white to create an old vintage distressed style. I’m happy with it but I feel like I could make it look more the way that I originally had planned. Any input would be grateful. Thank you

Kina Johnson

I have cabinets that are already painted and sealed .. Can I use chalk paint over painted and sealed cabinets to add color to color already painted and sealed ??

Maureen MacDonald

I am a beginner painter. I found this video to be be very helpful; to watch Leslie use wax taught me the basics of clear and dark wax. Thank you .


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