Video 23: Painting the Child’s Chair

In Part 2 of this 3 part series on repurposing a vintage children’s chair, I show how I paint our little chair using Chalk Paint. Specific techniques include,  how and why to thin the paint,  and the technique best suited for working with porous, open grained wood.

To see the first step in this process, view Part 1 : Old Chair, New Look , where I show how to prepare the chair for painting.

greenchaircompositeI love using multiple colors on my vintage pieces. It give it a finish that looks authentic, with dimension and character. If you want to see more about my technique of layering, check out my video tutorials, Layering Technique for Chalk Paint on Wood: Steps 2 and 3, How to Dry Brush: What You Need To Know, and How to Apply Annie Sloan Dark Wax

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