Video #22: Old Chair, New Life


Vintage children’s furniture offers a unique way to add personality and charm to your home decor, but often requires some basic cleaning and preparation before it can be repurposed. In the Part 1 of our 3 part tutorial, I show the initial steps necessary to ready an antique child’s chair for the next part of the redo process, the painting.

Childs Chair


Thinking out of the box when repurposing, can take an ordinary castoff and turn it into a something useful as well as charming. I love finding new ways to use old pieces. If you are needing ideas, and inspiration, on ways to upscale vintage furniture, be sure to check out, Shamrock Step Stool, Dried Lavender, and Today It’s a Console.

Later this week I’ll be posting the second part of the Child’s Chair tutorial, Part 2: The Painting.


Jennifer Serrano

Hi Leslie! I love watching your videos. You make it look so easy…and it’s not as easy as you make it look!!! I do have a question…sometimes when you are talking about cleaning and/or sanding a piece, you literally just breeze over the top lightly, and don’t even get all areas. Is that really how you do the prep work? I might be putting way too much effort in if that’s all we need! Thanks!

Leslie Stocker

lol,, I do a slightly more thorough job of cleaning for real, but honestly not that much. We are trying to keep the videos short so that is part of why I might breeze over those details. All you need to do is remove the noticeable dust and grime, you don’t need to scrub. Chalk Paint seems to stick to everything. Preparation is much important when painting say, walls with latex and oil based. I’ve actually painted over some outdoor items without even spraying them off with the hose and the paint still sticks. That being said if I am painting for someone else I will make sure I have a clean surface. I’m a complete novice with the videos so I welcome feedback. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to clarify:)
Leslie xxoo


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