Two Reds Are Better Than One

red chest copyUsing reds in tandem makes for a deep rich finish that resembles a red colored leather. I started with a first coat of  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Primer Red. Once it was dry, I added areas of Emperor’s Silk to create variation in the color and make the finish less one-dimensional.  This is a  simple 2 coat finish that looks much more complex. I left the top unpainted and sealed it all with Clear Wax. To create more shadowing I added Dark Wax around the frame and to selective areas of the drawers. That’s all. And really no more difficult than painting 2 coats of one color.

You can do the same thing with any color group, including whites, and blacks. It’s an easy, no-fail technique and I guarantee your pieces will look professional and have a wow factor, that’s missing in so much of the painted furniture available today. To see what it looks like for other colors, check out my posts, Chinese Apothecary Cabinet and Cedar Chest of Blue for blues, for yellows, Golden Yellow Chest, and for greens, Pine Sideboard, and French Green.

I like Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for my craft and furniture projects, but for walls nothing compares to Pure & Original Fresco Lime Paint. Checkout my most recent interior design make overs with Fresco. It can be purchased online at


Lucy Lewis

I love the 2 reds for the lacquer look. I am very new to Chalk Paint (in fact have been told by an Annie Sloan representative not to order too many colors until I figure out what I want), but I was curious about how to make the red lacquer coating look aged by painting the surface black underneath to start…

cathy clemmons

In your description, you said you “added areas of Emperor’s Silk to create variation in the color and make the finish less one-dimensional.” Does this mean that you didn’t do a complete second coat of Emperor’s Silk? Just some areas?


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