What do you think is the latest trend in paint, besides color?


I love this gorgeous gray Marrakech Paint by Pure & Original. Its called Earthstone and can be purchased at



From what I have been following it seems painting fabric with ASCP is the latest trend. I haven’t tried it myself but I have seen some pretty nice results from others.

Mary Ruth

I think many would have begged for this finish in the 60’s -90’s with our sponge paint and other treatments that were an almost instant ‘fail’.. the infamous question was invented then.. ‘Did you do this yourself’?
This paint treatment would make anyone look like a professional.. and people commenting that it truly IS amazing!
Troweled Plaster ‘looks’ have always given depth to a room. European look has come to US? Would this be Pure & Original? Beautiful

Linda Thompson

How difficult is this troweled plaster to apply in a room? Is it the Marakesh paint you blogged about earlier, and/or is it two different colors of paint? Will you do any videos on it? Looking for something interesting for my dining room. I’m curious!

Helen R

And here I thought you were referring to the black door which I love. I spent a tedious week trying to have my front door look like the one in your photo. The house is now on the market and the first thing the realtor said is “lose the black door” so go figure!

Janice Bowden

Leslie, this is a little off-topic from your blog, but I just had to tell this to someone who would understand. It is about home décor colors and faux finishes, lol. It was your Pinterest posts and blog that brought me to Annie Sloan paint because I saw the colors and what could be done with it that I was struggling with using DIY “chalk” paint. However, yesterday a lightbulb went off – I now understand why I had an immediate attraction to Annie’s colors. I have been working on painting and waxing sample sticks for myself and realized when I painted my entire house over 10 years ago it’s all in Annie’s colors. I used mis-tints and mixed my own colors and used a variety of faux finishes – washes, frottage, etc. The walls are either an identical match or a shade/tint. Master bedroom is Emile, master bathroom has a column in Provence with metallic accents, walls are bronze metallic with a chateau grey wash. Hall bath is Duck Egg, kitchen is Napoleonic Blue, white, Primer Red floor with an Arles accent wall. Living room is Versailles with an Olive accent wall, guest room is Henrietta. Guess I’m not a neutrals kind of gal, but I still love every room in my house and love working with Annie Sloan colors. Thanks for all that you share


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