There’s Only One Fresco


While I was in Atlanta, I had more opportunity to experiment with Pure & Original Fresco Lime Paint, this time on walls, in what’s turning out to be one of my favorite colors, Mineral White. It’s a rich creamy white thats not too stark or too yellow. In the Classico chalk based paint, the color is consistent and uniform. In the Fresco, there are a range of shades and tints within any one color due to the lime base. The method of application determines the light to dark color range.

MW ClassicoFresco copy

The traditional way to apply Fresco is with vertical strokes to create lined striations. I went with a more random brush stroke to create a more varied, less up and down, blended texture.

fresco lime copy

For best results, a coat of Wallprim primer is first required over any latex paint, followed by two coats of Fresco paint applied with the large Fresco brush. There is definitely a learning curve, if you are used to painting walls with a roller (as I am). Not hard, just different. But the results are truly amazing. A deep, rich, old world, plaster finish, I never thought possible with a water based paint.

frescolime2 copy

I am so excited to be working with Pure & Original Fresco Lime Paint. It’s made for walls but I’ve also used it on furniture. You can see some of my other projects in these posts: A Fresco Wash, Fresco Lime Paint, and Fresco Refresh. And if you are interested in taking Fresco Lime Paint out for a whirl, in the USA you can purchase it here,



Becky Backert

I am having a hard time with your website today. I am using your tutorials to teach my daughter how to chalk paint and I’m finding the videos, but, when I try to click on to watch it keeps popping up to Pin it instead of clicking to show the video and I am hunting and trying to find the video links and sometimes I can. I thought you would want to know. She’s working on her first piece! I hope you are staying in to paint today, it’s awful out there.


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