The Perfect Navy


Looking for a true, rich navy? I used Pure & Original’s Majestic Cloth, in their chalk based, Classico chalk based paint on this remarkable chest of drawers. For contrast, I left the top and edges the original walnut color.




It’s beautiful! Did you use any kind of technique for the blue? It looks like it may have some variations but wasn’t sure if that’s look of the paint. I absolutely love it. Great job!!


Wow! Such a rich color!
Leaving the edges natural gave the piece such depth, too!


I wish you lived near me and we were good friends and that you would show me how to paint my kitchen cupboards like this.

Leigh Anne Farrell

Absolutely Fabulous! The color is stunning! I think I will head on over to a stockist and paint something in this color when I return home. Be well, Leslie, you always inspire!

Susan S

Hello, I’m looking for the perfect coral formulation. Also which do you think looks better with coral, blues or Provence? Thank you so much!



Will you be continuing in making videos or is that something you have chosen to stop doing?

Thanks. Your work is spectacular!

Kimberly Michael

I have never used this paint. It looks as though it has almost a metallic or pearl-like finish. It’s stunning! Is this an additive, dealer, or topcoat? Or is it the paint inself?


Hi Leslie,

I love your blog posts, Pinterest posts, and all of your videos. You are an artist by heart and appreciate how you share what you could keep to yourself. Thank you for sharing, I see you haven’t posted since August, and I’m hoping you are doing well! Love to see or read what you are looking forward to this year! Happy New Year 2017, wishing you all the best!


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