The Colorways Swing

acolorways swing

Wow, you guys are incredibly observant! So many emails have come my way asking about the image we used in the introduction of the video tutorials, a quick post seemed in order. After we finished shooting the first round of videos last summer, Caleb, our talented photographer, and John, my amazing publicist, shot some extra footage in my garden. What you see in the beginning of each video is a metal swing I’ve had for a few years.  Originally it was that dark green color of metal garden tools and it looked extremely brand new.

So I did something I’ve done often and painted a patina with Chalk Paint. Using Graphite, I did a solid first coat and let it dry. After that, using a wash of Duck Egg Blue, I painted a few more quick layers.  On a hot summer day it takes almost no time to dry, and I was able to repaint almost immediately. The final step was dry brushing  Old White and a mix of Old White and Duck Egg Blue on the edges and areas where I wanted the paint to look worn.

That was it. No sealer was applied, either wax or poly. It has been out in the elements ever since, sitting on the ground. And why, you ask, has this lovely swing, painted in a perfect verdigris patina, been so neglected and unused? I’m more than a little embarrassed to say, my husband and I cannot agree on the ideal place to hang it and so it continues to sit unmounted under a tree:(

And that, everyone, is the behind the scenes story of the Colorways Swing. Hopefully to be continued.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® creates a perfect faux patina that is even resistant to the weather. Be sure to check out some of my other posts for inspiration in the garden, Pink in the Garden,  Garden Bench,  and  Spring Forward.  And to see all 18 of my video tutorials, featuring the Colorways Swing, just click on the Tools tab.

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