Take One Stepback

Called Stepback Cupboards because the top shelving piece sits “back” from the front edge of the separate lower cabinet, they are most often made of pine or oak. It is not unusual to find one where the top and bottom were not made at the same time as one complete piece, but have been put together, sometimes referred to as “married”.
This one has wonderful age and patina in its deep blues and greens. If you are lucky enough to have a stepback cupboard, layering the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors shown above, would give you a similar finish.
In Kentucky, antique step backs are easy to find and reasonably priced. To see more of these delicious cupboards check out my posts, Another Stepback,  Dark into Light, and Colorful Storage.


Rose Laney

I have purchased several AS paints but have not started painting yet. I do not plan to sell my pieces, they are for my use. It is difficult to decide on the color to use- they are all do pretty. I enjoy all of your posts and learn from your paintings.

Sally Stern

Hi. I love how you painted this step back cupboard. Can you please tell me how you created this look?

Sally Stern


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