Table for a Small Space


I love the whole physics behind anything collapsible: umbrellas, chairs, cots, maps, Swiss Army Knives, etc. Brilliant objects that contract or expand according your needs. ( My favorite book on this subject is available here). It makes especially good sense when decorating small and multifunctional spaces.

You may remember this gate leg table. (I first blogged about it here).

red table r copyVery primitive, pine, red, serving as a console at the top of my stairway. I hadn’t really thought about repainting until I saw this image on Rose Garden Malevik, one of my favorite blogs.

slagbord 1800tal Rose Garden Malevik

Granted, my table is far more humble, but you have to admit there is a similarity. A fresh coat of chalk paint may be just what it needs. Pure White and Old White layered on each other and finished with clear wax.

white table 3

white table

So what do you think? Did I even come close? What color do you prefer, the red or the white?  Please weigh in and leave me a comment below.

If you are looking for more of the colors of Sweden, check out my posts,  A Believable White, Warm White Armoire, and  Why Not Just White?


Shelley C

I LOVE THE RED, but that’s only because it would fit In my house more than the white! Again….you’ve inspired me to paint mine that I picked up for $25!!


I don’t know Leslie, I love both of them. I think I will say the white, but the red is awesome too.

Linda Thompson

You can never go wrong with pure white – always a classic, but the red was stunning! I liked both better than the gray even though gray blends with many decors as does the white. You have to have the right house for the red, but it was really beautiful!


They are both terrific. The red makes a statement while the white is subtle & understated. The accessories are perfect compliments as well. I am partial to the Scandinavian look.

Nancy Nanney

LOVE the freshness of the white! The red was pretty, but the white grabs me. You’ve inspired me to paint something white.

Sandy Biluk

I must say, you know your colors!! Not many people really have that gift. I love both colors of tables. It would depend on the rest of your interior. I have just started following you and very glad I came across you on FB. Love your work!

Jennifer Kalous

I love both! I like the crispness of the white better. I don’t know if I would have been brave enough to repaint a piece I had already painted. You are helping me to look at things differently. I had never thought about using both pure white and old white together! I have a small table I was going to paint pure white, I think now I am going to use both. Thanks!

Barbara Dodds

I bet the red table at the top of the stairs as shown in the picture is adorable. The white table would not have the same impact for that space.


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