Sweet Dreams

A combination of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® neutrals was used on this vintage pine blanket chest. Layered and blended French Linen, Country Grey, Old White with touches of Paloma. A slightly lighter version of these colors was used on the drawers and lid.


coastal gray

I’m wondering what you mean by layered, blended…. Like do you start with one color, let it dry then do washes of the other colors one at a time with drying in between….. Or are all the colors mixed together and two coats applied….?

Leslie Stocker

Hi, the first coat was a solid coat of French Linen, then a light coat of Country Grey. Then I mixed a little Old White into French Linen and applied it. After that I mixed Country Grey with Old White and applied that mix. Only the first coat of French Linen was a solid coat of paint. You can water down the paint to make it more translucent, or you can paint in a more haphazard way. It sounds much more complicated than it actually is. Another way i sometimes do this is to take a paper plate and put 2, 3 or more colors on it and using the same brush put on a little of each color, alternating between them. Don’t worry if you overlap, or they blend together, you can get this look by a variety of techniques. Paloma was used in a very little amount at the very end because it looked a little bland. But really, I don’t know if anyone but me would know, because it was so little. I hope this helps. I am going to do some how-to videos on different techniques ( I get a lot of questions ). They should be on the blog by beginning of July. Thanks, Leslie


Hello-This blanket chest is beautiful. I love the color. How difficult would it be for a novice to reproduce this color on kitchen cabinets? Would it take along time to do? We are getting ready to re-paint our kitchen cabinets and I have fallen in love with what you did with this blanket box. Thank you, KG


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