Sunbursts, Large and Small


Small Sunburst Mirror


I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but I find myself getting heavy handed with gold paint.  Here are two little projects I was able to finish this week when the temperature spiked above 50 degrees fahrenheit and I was able to get out the Rustoleum and Krylon.

Even when I gold leaf a mirror, I like to give it a quick coat of gold spray paint first. That way if I miss a spot (easy to do on irregular surfaces), gold is still peeking through. And just like my other painted finishes, I like to layer different colors of gold. I just think it looks more authentic and doesn’t scream “gold spray paint”.  You can also add highlights and shadows with a Krylon Gold Leaf Pen, Gilding and Dark Wax.

toomanyI plan to do a proper step by step at some point. If you need instructions immediately, google DIY Sunburst Mirror. The web is loaded with tutorials by other bloggers.


Large Sunburst Mirror

I also did brief instructions in my post for this mirror project.You can find those in this post, DIY Sunburst Mirror



And if you are wanting to paint something Gold, or even just add some sparkle to your home, check out my posts  ,DIY Gilt Mirror ,  Faux Mercury Glass Sconce,   Easy Picture Frame Upgrade and   Sparkle Your Holiday Decor.


Sunburst Mirror3



Leslie Stocker

Tammy, thanks. They are fun to make, and they make great gifts. Happy New Year,
Cheers, Leslie


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