Small Step Stool Video 26



In this Part 2 Video,  I demonstrate how to layer chalk paint colors to create a Restoration Hardware style finish.. If you missed the first of of this 3 part series where I prepare the surface for painting, you can view that here.

stepstool Video tutorial

The Restoration Hardware style finish is easy to recreate with chalk paint. It was featured in these earlier Colorways blog posts, Mirror Image, and Restoration Hardware Finish and also in these video tutorials, Layering Technique for Chalk Paint, Steps 2 & 3,  and  How to Dry Brush, What You Need to Know.


Sharon Hilts

When you are painting on the top of the stool, we can’t see it in the video. You should tip the stool so we can see the area you are painting. Thank you!!


I love your videos, just wish all the steps were together In one video. Too hard to find them all.

Thank you


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