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At this time of year, the colors most often used in projects and media are red and green. So I was pleased when I had a request to use another combination on a chest of drawers for a young lady. I’ve used a luscious combination of purples before to create a feminine look thats not overly sweet, and I considered going with them again.  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Emile and Paloma. Tried and true, it always works. I was originally inspired to try it after seeing this Gustavian chest by Wisteria.

Wisteria Modern Gustavian

The perfect choice for a petite lady’s secretary desk.


However, when I went to find my paint, I was out of several colors of Annie’s Chalk Paint, including Emile and Paloma. Since my deadline was looming, I looked for other options with the paint I already had on hand. Pure and Original has been extremely generous with samples of their Classico, a chalk based paint, while I was working on a color palette for them. I’ve been using Annie Sloan for a long time and between the two brands my chalk based paint needs are taken care of. Both paints are the finest quality. I feel confident about my ability to mix and match any paint color no matter what brand, so I chose to start with Berries and Bohemian, two of Pure & Original‘s purples.


Emile and Berries are extremely similar and easy to substitute for each other.   Bohemian and Paloma are both muted, grayed lavenders, with Bohemian being slightly darker and denser. Quick Tip: If you are trying to match a color it is always easier to start with the most saturated and add white in small amounts, rather than take a light color and try make it a darker, more saturated version of itself.

Working in light layers, I painted both colors at the same time with the same brush. Allow the paint to dry and go back and add more until you get the results you want. This style creates more depth and movement, than painting a solid uniform color. It’s also no fail, because you can paint over any parts you’re not happy with.

berries copy

The combination of Berries and Bohemian ended up a darker, more royal purple than if I had used Emile and Paloma. There was always the option of adding some white as a wash, or mixing tints of the colors and adding more layers, had my client wanted a lighter lavender. In the end, she preferred this combination for her little princess.

I purchase all of my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint at Robyn Story Designs and all of my Pure & Original Classico, Fresco Lime, and Marrakech Paint at Pure & Original USA. Both online stores offer a complete range of colors and products, as well as low prices, great service, and flat rate shipping.A


Kathleen Herman

Leslie, so you did not add any white to this piece? It looks like I see some white but that may be the color variation. Thanks. Gorgeous as always.


I have a question about layering. When you say you painted both colors at the same time with the same brush did you just literally alternate every other brush stroke? I love that look and would love to learn how to use it.
Thank you.


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