I worked on several projects lately for Pure & Original Paint both in Atlanta and here at home, and I’ve gotten the go ahead to share them on the blog. Wait until you see what I’ve been up to not only with furniture but also with walls. And with all three of their magical paints; Classico, Fresco Lime and Marrakech. I feel so rejuvenated about painting again and I can’t wait to share!

You may remember my dining room chairs – they’ve had several incarnations. You can see those projects, here, and then again here. I’m moving out of my blue period, and going with more neutrals. Although ready to do my chairs ages ago, I’ve been putting it off because there are… well, 8 chairs. You paint one, you paint them all.

I’ve used Chalk Paint® for so long, I wanted to experiment with Pure & Original’s Fresco Lime Paint. It is so rich, and has such depth, that I no longer have to do multiple layers. I’ve loved the texture and dimension you get with multiple colors and layers of Chalk Paint® , but with Fresco it’s totally unnecessary. You can achieve the same look with one or two colors, light to dark for each color in one coat. I know, its hard to believe until you try it. My eight chairs were completed in one day, with two colors, Zinc, and Mineral White, one coat of each. What a time saver!



Remember, these chairs were a muted blue. I painted 1 coat of  Fresco, in Zinc. When it was dry, I dry brushed a coat of Mineral White. Thats all. Fresco requires no sealer for this kind of application. Here’s a close up:


frescochair2 copy

Pretty amazing! Next up will be a room I painted with Pure & Original Fresco Lime in Atlanta.

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Sandi Nutty

This is an exciting paint! Love how the chairs turned out. I always look forward to seeing what you are up to.

Nancy sipes

This paint sound awsome might have to try it. Chairs look good. Does it give it any kinda texture and is it a thick paint?

Teri hahn

It looks great but wonder how it feels…I love the silky feel I get when I wax the chalk painted furniture

mari visagie

i felt so depressed, but such excitement about annie sloane chalk paint had me feel so exhilirated!!! i painted everything in sight with louis blue. i’ve painted my kitchen countertop – as it was stained and i hope that it will survive in the heat in the kitchen.


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