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Louise, a reader of Colorways, found some inspiration photos on Pinterest and asked for my help in getting a similar finish. Here are the beautiful photos she sent. I love getting the opportunity to work on this kind of project, it’s fun for me, and I wish I had time to do it more often.

Photos from LouiseIt’s always a little tricky working from photos viewed on a computer screen. Colors are notoriously inconsistent from one computer, phone or tablet to the next. So what looks like a blue with green undertones to me, may appear more of a green to you. I can make suggestions, based on what I see, but it’s not the same as looking at the actual painted finish.

Let’s take a look at the first photo’s paneled doors from a selection I enlarged in Photoshop.

Enlarged cupboard selection copyA good color to start with is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Old Violet, and I would paint a solid first coat. Additionally I would mix a little Graphite into the Old Violet and paint in the shadows with a dry brush method.  Dilute a 1:1 mix of Old Violet and Louis Blue with water (about 50%) and paint a wash to add depth to the finish. Finally, add Louis Blue in select areas in a layered light coat for highlights. Finish with Clear Wax. If you are in doubt about how to do any of these techniques, you can view my video tutorials by clicking here.Enlarged cupboard selection

The second photo features a vintage dressing table a grey green finish, similar to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®, Duck Egg Blue. After painting a solid first coat of the Duck Egg Blue, mix  Old White and Duck Egg Blue in varying amounts to make a range of tints. Apply these in light layers to give more dimension to the finish. Finish with Clear Wax and add shadows with Dark Wax.

dressing table colour copy


You can see similar projects with Duck Egg Blue, by clicking on these posts, Duck Egg and Louis Blue,  On The Bench, and On the Side.

And for more Old Violet inspiration, see these posts, A Tale of Two Chandeliers, Inspiration in Alsace, and Porte a St. Emilion

Thank you so much Louise for sending in these photos and allowing me to create this post.

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Barbara Renfrow

Leslie: I am wondering if you could recommend something for me. I have painted a large French China Cabinet in AS Linen, and then the inside AS Henryetta. I don’t like the inside. I think it is just too bright and I don’t want to paint it the same as the exterior….Linen. What could I do a color wash in……………with AS paint so it will look very French/Gustavian but not pink….orchid…….with the Henryetta AS paint? Any recommendations? Thank you so much. I love your site, Barbara

Leslie Stocker

I’ve seen several combinations of French Linen exterior, and Provence, or Duck Egg, or Louis Blue, interiors that look great. If doing a different interior color is is too contrasting, you can tone it down with a French Linen, or Old White wash. Personally, I like French Linen exterior, with Old White, or Old Ochre interiors. Coco also makes for a good wash with any of the pinks. Thanks for asking and let me know how it turns out.

Leslie xxoo


No thank you so much! I have called Annie Sloane and asked them, been to b&q and homebase, everywhere I could think and you’re the only person to take the time to tell me exactly what I need to do. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to help me. High reguards Louise xx

Leslie Stocker

My pleasure. Please send me a photo or let me know if you post so I can see how they turned out. Happy to help anytime

Leslie xxoo


I want to get a slightly blueish dark gray..but slightly. I have used paris gray already as 1st coat. What should I do for 2nd. Was thinking of mixing graphite and paris..but now also considering old violet..any recommendations on ratio and color choice


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