Pure & Original Paint from The Netherlands


You know how much I love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®. It’s the reason I started blogging last year; the way it sticks to almost any surface, the beautiful color palette, and the ease of which you can create a variety of finishes using different techniques. It’s a tough act to follow. And although I have had ample opportunity to sample many different brands that are chalk style or have a chalk matte finish, nothing has excited me until recently.pure_original_blikkenPure & Original Paint has been made in The Netherlands for over 40 years and is sold throughout Europe. It is considered to be a paint of the highest quality, made with all natural, mineral pigments in a water base, completely environmentally friendly, no VOC. I was familiar with the name from some of my friends who are artists and designers in Europe and who have experience using it on walls and furniture. So I was surprised when they contacted me to see if I would be interested in trying out some samples in advance of their launch in the US. It turns out Pure & Original Paint will be available for purchase for the first time in the United States beginning in May.

They actually make several kinds of paint, including Fresco Lime, Marrakech Wall Paint, and Classico Chalk Paint

pureandoriginal lime paint kalkverf Mineral White - svh19kl Fresco Lime Paint

pureandoriginal marrakech walls 16-2 Marrakech Walls

PO5Eventually I hope to try out all of their paints, but I wanted to start with the Classico and see how it compared to the other brands of Chalk Paint I’d used. Pure & Original sent me 3 colors to sample: White,  Pigeon Grey,  and Storm.

P & O 2 The White is beautiful,  warm but not yellow or too austere. Storm, a deep chocolate brown with a purple undertone, and Pigeon Grey, a complex dark grey.

P&O 4The Pure & Original color palette has 114 rich highly pigmented colors. Most are available in all of their paints. I would advise getting one of their hand painted color charts to make any color choice. You really can’t accurately determine paint color from a computer screen.

PO3I’m still testing out the paints on different surfaces and I’ll be sharing my projects in later posts. But my initial impression is wow!  It is amazing, more like using a fine artist paint, than a craft or wall paint. I used it in some of my recent videos, here and here, and it will also be featured in an upcoming tutorial, not yet available. I wanted to give you the heads up, even though I don’t have my projects ready to post because Pure & Original is sponsoring a contest in advance of the launch and with some very cool prizes. The contest will be ending in early May, and I wanted to make sure Colorways readers knew about it and had a chance to sign up. Just click on this link find out more and register,  www.PureOriginalPaint.com.

P&O 1I’ll be posting my projects soon. I’m still experimenting, trying different techniques, learning more about the products and creating my own Pure & Original color swatches, similar to the color cards I made for Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint and  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®. As always, my goal on Colorways is to bring my readers inspiration and information, about old and new, paint, colors, techniques, finishes and brands.  You can see all of my color cards,  and formulas for custom colors, by clicking here and if you want to see my new videos as soon as they are released, just hit the  subscribe button on my YouTube Channel.

For more information about Pure & Original Paint products, click here, and for more on the USA Launch of Pure and Original Paint, here.



steve wallis

Hi Leslie,
do they have Brown colors that could be used for woodgraining ??
What is the price point for the paint??
If you get any samples(small) I would love to check them out.
Also, do they have a distributor here yet??

Leslie Stocker

Hi Steve,
There seem to be several browns that might work for woodgraining. One of the samples they sent me is called Storm which is a chocolately brown with purple undertones. Very nice. Price point not sure and they have several types of paint in addition to the Classico, a Fresco Lime, and Marrakech Walls, that I’m waiting to try. You should register on their website http://www.pureoriginalpaint.com. I would think they would love to have you try it out. When I get more info, I’ll pass it on to you.

Caroline Mc Cann

Hi, where can I buy this paint ? do you have a dealer in Spain, I live in Gran Canaria. Regards Caroline

Melanie Parker

Do you if they are looking for distributors here ? I live in Dallas,tx.


Leslie, this is another reason I adore your blog! :))) You always share such great colors, processes and products. I am so excited about this new paint and really appreciate you!


I am so curious about how it compares to ASCP. Is it a chalk type paint? I am curious to hear your opinions and similarities and differences.

Jan W

It seems they don’t have English as a choice of languages on their website. 🙁

Jan W

OK, some of it comes up in English, but the “NEWS” tab has what I assume is Dutch titles for the articles and English is not an option in the language drop-down.

Leslie Stocker

I admit it’s a little challenging at this point, (don’t even try to watch the videos), but they are working on improved translations to English. Hopefully soon.

Leslie xxoo


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