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Pure Original ClassicoThis is my first completed project using Pure & Original Paint from The Netherlands. I introduced it on the blog last week, you can read about it in this post.The process I used on this chest of drawers was a layering, and spot painting, and a little dry brushing, basically a combination of techniques, I frequently use in my work. (If you have questions about any of my techniques, all of my video tutorials are available here.) One of the things I love about working with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®, is usually there is little to no prep involved.  Classico, is Pure & Original’s chalk, and I wanted to see if it could be applied in the same way. The only prep I did was wiping off the dust.

P&O 4

I started with a coat of Pigeon Grey and brushed it on. Classico is a very rich heavily pigmented paint and a little goes a very long way. It’s also very thick so if you find your brush is starting to drag, dip the tip of your brush in a little water and continue stroking on the paint. It drys quickly, usually less than an hour. For the next coat, I put all three colors, Pigeon Grey, Storm, and White on a paper plate and using one brush alternated between them, lightly brushing on the colors in selected spots ( video on that technique, here ). I only needed 2 coats of the Classico for full coverage.

I used Annie Sloan Clear Wax to seal the finish. Pure & Original says it’s not necessary to seal their Classico paint unless its in an area of high moisture, like the kitchen or bathroom and then they recommend using their Eco Sealer. I didn’t know that when I painted this chest, and they didn’t send me samples of the sealer, so I just went ahead and sealed it with wax, using the same method I use with Annie’s Chalk Paint. It worked beautifully.

I’m really excited about Pure & Original Paint, and can’t wait to try more of they colors and products when they become available here next month,  I’m getting so many questions about the company, their products, and availability not only here, but in other markets around the world. I’ll answer what I can, but I’ve only had access to, and experience with 3 of their 114 colors, in 1 of their paints. There is so much I don’t know including price points, dealerships, stockists, etc. I’m waiting to receive more samples of their products, Fresco Lime Paint, and Marrakech Walls, and I promise to share my experiences and reviews in upcoming posts.



I plan to do color cards, color mixing formulas, tints, and shades, color palettes, but realistically that could take awhile with so many colors and products to try. And while I love doing it, it took me months to create my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® and Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, color palettes and they only had 31 and 18 colors available at the time. I feel very fortunate that Pure & Original liked my blog, and forwarded me samples in advance of their launch into the United States. Their products offer new and exciting options and possibilities. I look forward to an expanded color palette, and new mediums for furniture and walls. For now, I’ll refer back to Pure & Original Paint (Netherlands) for questions specific to products, and Pure Original Paint (USA) for the details of the launch into U.S. market.



I also want to clarify that trying and sharing information about new brands and their products, does not change how I feel about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®. It’s a fabulous product, it changed how I paint furniture, and I still love working with it. I’ll continue to post about it in the future whenever I use it in my projects.



But I want to keep Colorways fresh and interesting and it had begun to feel like I was just revisiting old territory. I need the challenge of learning, experimenting, trying new things and sharing them, to keep me involved in the blogging process. The biggest problem for bloggers is burnout, and I know myself well enough to know I’ll lose interest if it starts to feel repetitive and boring. And honestly, it was just a little, starting to feel that way.

As always I appreciate constructive feedback, and welcome your ideas and opinions. Thank you for all of your support as I continue to learn and grow, and  hopefully improve as an artist and blogger.

Cover layered copy




Delores G Bembry

Leslie, I am looking to get my hands on Pure and Original Paints myself when they become avaible give me a heads up. Thanks

Beckie Stanevich

I loved this post! Not just because you introduced a new product to us, but for you very candid comments about continuing to grow as an artist and blogger. Yours is one of only 3 or 4 blogs that I read religiously, and this is despite the fact that your vision of what a piece will look like is nothing like mine. Unlike you, I’m not an artist, I need artists to help me create. So even though I might not paint in your style today, I totally respect your artistry and your willingness to share it. I’ve also learned that we need many tools in our toolbasket. Someday, I’ll need your methods to make a boring piece special!
Thank you!


Thank you for the details on the new paint line. From what I saw on their website, most of their colors are very muted/toned.


Leslie, your work is among the best in blogland! Your sense of color and your style are miles above the rest! I only have one complaint/suggestion. PLEASE give us more photos of your work and larger photos. I strain to see your work and the nuances are completely lost. I’d love to see more than one photo and some close-ups of certain areas that have shadow and layers. Is there any reason you do not do that? There may be, and if so, I respect that! Thank you for all you do share with us!!!!

Mary Ruth

Thanks for sharing about this new paint line [for us in the US]. I enjoy seeing the colors, methods and PHOTOS of what can be achieved. Some of the referral links are a bit hard to follow, but I catch on after a few clicks…

Rose Leonard

I just purchased “drift” in pure and original. Do you know if I can add Annie Sloan chalk paint to it? Need to customize the color


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