Pure & Original Classico Colors + Tints


In an effort to understand and get a handle on all of the Pure & Original colors available for their Classico paint, I created a color swatch book similar to the one I created for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.tintschartThe procedure I used was simple. I took each color offered for the Classico Pure & Original Paint on their hand painted color card and mixing them with varying amounts of white to create tints. This exercise allowed me to more easily determine the underlying color, as well as seeing the many options available to expand the color palette by adding white to each color.  Why do this when Pure & Original already offers 120+ colors?   Just like Annie Sloan, Pure & Original paint is expensive. Why purchase 4 or more cans of a color in the same color group when you can mix endless variations of any color by adding  white.

It makes sense to maximize your paint dollars by purchasing a more saturated color, along with white, and create as many colors as possible. Rather than 4 greens, buy 4 different color groups, i.e. blue, yellow, red, and white,  and mix these together for an infinite amount of colors, tints, and shades. I use a lot of paint, and I hate to waste any or buy more than I need to. After many projects I came up with this solution and it really works for any brand or color. It’s perfect for my layering technique, and if you haven’t tried it you need to.

Blogging is about sharing information. I started my blog about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and only recently started sharing about a second brand, Pure & Original. I’m not a painter who tries all the products and gives reviews on each. If I find something I love I stick with it, as in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I’ve used it since it first became available in the U.S. Pure & Original is the only other paint I’ve found that I love as much as Annie’s. Besides a chalk based paint, and here’s the exciting part, they also offer a lime paint, Fresco, as well as Marrakech, which gives a stone, concrete, or tadalakt finish. If you are interested in giving it a try, you can purchase from online at www.pureoriginalpaint.com .






Kim Machado

This is great! Thank you for all of your hard work on this for the benefit of your followers. I have been using ASCP for awhile now and looking forward to trying out Pure & Original when my order arrives. Thank you for the tips also!

Joan Reed

Thanks you for all your information and help. I have used lots of Annie Sloan paint and have loved it. I am now loving Pure and Original as well !!


I’m sorry but I can’t read the names of the colorways, I’ve tried to enlarge but can’t read the writing


Hello! I am new to your site. I find your chart of colors and tints for the Pure and Original Classico paints incredibly helpful. I was wondering if this is something that I could download so that I could read it better, see ratios of mixtures and zoom in. Please?!?

Ellen Daigler

Can you tell me is the pure & original apple Blossom a grayish white. It’s looks like it but I can’t be sure and it’s not carried near me.


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