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When I saw lovely image on the Pure & Original Facebook Page, I was inspired to break out of my color comfort zone. Not quite bold enough for a whole room, I tried it out on this old cabinet, I’ve painted a zillion times before.Bohemian no colorcardsUsing Classico, chalk based paint, I brushed on a layer of Bohemian, followed by a light layer, almost a wash, of Silk White. If you are looking for a white that doesn’t have a yellow cast, this is a great one to use. Once dry it was good to go, no wax or sealer necessary. If you’re a little conservative about color, like I am, painting a piece of furniture is a great way to introduce a bit of bold to your room. Try having a little fun with color next time you’re experiencing painter’s block. It will get your creative juices flowing again:)


I’ve been on a painting whirlwind lately….. so many ideas, so little time. Here are some other projects with purple (yikes!), as the dominant color.  Passionate Purple,  Campaign Desk in Lilac, and English Lavender.


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