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One of my favorite old, primitive pieces, this little chair gets painted over and over as my needs change. It started out looking like this, and became my prop for videos, here, here, and here. I’m not a bright, bold, girl, and I tired of the Antibes Green rather quickly.tinkettleWanting to restore it back to a neutral, as well as try out  a new color of Pure & Original Fresco Lime Paint, I chose Tin Kettle.

Fresco Tin KettleA beautiful warm brown, it looks like an authentic, vintage, finish. You would be hard pressed to tell my little chair had ever been painted, let alone a bright green.Tin KettlePure & Original recommends using their Wallprim primer on any surface that has already been painted in a non-mineral paint. You are always at risk when you decide to ignore the manufacturer’s instructions. In this case I went straight to the paint, knowing in case of failure, repainting a small piece of furniture, is not a huge endeavor. You always have to weigh the benefits and the downsides when you blaze your own path. This time it resulted in a beautiful finish, easily applied, with no adherence problems. Sometimes you are not so successful. Please be advised.TKPinterestIf you like to make up your own rules as you go, here are some posts where I did the same thing, with great success:  Paint & Verdigris – 1 Year Later,  Going Coastal Grey,  and,  Marrakech on Glass.




This looks awesome! What did you do to get the variation in color? Did you cover the green paint with white first before using Tin Kettle and did you dry brush the darker paint? Trying to figure out your lovely technique!


I would like to purchase a couple of colors in the Pure and Original paint, but I am unsure of colors or which type of paint might be best to experiment with. Do you have any suggestions?
Thanks so much, Janet


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