Problem Solved!


Thank you everyone who came to my aid with suggestions to solve the stain/bleed problem, I blogged about here.

bleedThanks to your help I was able to solve it by applying a coat of  an oil based primer.

oil Based primer smallOn a separate area I also tried Rustoleum Spray Primer which worked equally well.

Rustoleum primerSo I stopped trying different products at that point because the problem was solved.  But there were also several other suggestions that may or may not work. I incorporated all of them into a chart for reference. Sometimes you have a product on hand but it doesn’t occur to you to use it in a particular situation. Any and all of these may provide an easy remedy and would certainly be worth a try, especially if it eliminates trip to the store.  As with all my images, please feel free to download, print, save and share. Thank you again for all your amazing help and support:)

Stains Bleed chartYears in graphic design has conditioned me to use photos and images instead of wordy explanations wherever possible. (I’m also nerdy enough to love the process of creating charts and maps). You should be able to find all of them by clicking on the Tools tab. But here are the direct links so some of the favorites for mixing custom colors of Chalk Paint:  Mixing for Green,  Mixing for Purple, and Mixing for Orange.


Diane Vella

Thank you for all the information that you post it is very helpful and a great reference source!

Beckie Stanevich

Great post! Thanks for consolidating all of the comments into one crystal clear chart!!


Hi. Just wondered. If when u had the bleed through ( I am having same problem) did you put the oil based primer
Over the chalk. Thanks


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