Please Come In

I’ve heard it said that, “your front door is the smile of your house.” If that is the case, here are some of my favorite welcoming entryways in bold colors found on Pinterest.


















OldVioletArles copy






Feeling inspired?  If not and you need more, check out these gorgeous doorways in my posts; Enchantment in Stockholm,  Trying Something New, and Puerta en Espana. Or you can see where I save all of my favorites on Pinterest in my board,  Windows and Doors

I like Annie Sloan Chalk Paint  for my craft and furniture projects, but for walls nothing compares to Pure & Original Fresco Lime Paint. I love the natural variations of shades and tones the lime creates within one paint color. You have to see how gorgeous it is! Checkout my most recent interior design make overs with Fresco. It can be purchased online at

Bohemian inspir

P.S  Pure and Original also makes a chalk based paint called Classico in 140 colors! Its amazing too!



Judy Den Boer

I am working on a carriage garage door with iron curly ques and just added dark wax over the clear which went over three other coats of a green. Your green door is most helpful, but I am kind if afraid since the piece is so large. The garage door is on a red shingled building.

Jane Gesenhues

Do you have any experience with using Annie Sloan paint on outdoor items? I want to paint a birdhouse, but it will be permanently mounted. Will the paint hold up to weather in the Ky area over time? Thanks


If im going to paint a piece of furniture with the annie sloan paint, and use it in a bathroom as a vanity, should i put more coats of wax on the top for protection? And should i let it cure for 30 days before using it?


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