Pine Ombre Cabinet

This pine cabinet is for toy storage in a children’s playroom. It was purposefully painted to have a very distressed, chippy finish, with a fun ombre color effect. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is definitely the way to go on a piece that will have heavy use, wear and tear.  It is also a great example of expanding your range of green.
I have a few more green color studies to share These focus on mixing Florence with English Yellow, and Florence with Arles.

 It is helpful to have a comparison of the difference of green when using English Yellow as opposed to Arles. There is a typo in the last sample card. The correct proportion should read 1 part Florence to 2 parts English Yellow.


Leslie Stocker

Many layers of wax (trying to get a wax crayon effect). A lot of careful sanding. I turned the cabinet on its side to sand, since I tend to sand left to right. That way when upright it has a drippy look. I finished off with a white liming wax. I didn’t really dry brush on this.. I think you could have also done this using a wax medium.
Oh an yes I have been to Tulum , besides its beauty, I think it has almost a mystical quality


Do you mean Annie Sloan Wax? How much wax can you put on? And what is white liming wax? I seems we are on different levels Leslie, If you put so much wax isn´t it sticky?
Vax medium? sorry I dont get it.

Kathleen Herman

Hi Leslie.I know this is an older post, but I hope you can still see my comment and hopefully reply. I don’t really understand the wax technique used either. Do you think you can send me the details to my email as well? I think this is way above my skill level, but would love to try sometime if the instructions are easy enough. Thanks Leslie.


Hi Leslie,
Would you be able to send me the wax technique you used here? I love this look and ver chippy looks too!
Thank you!


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