Patina & Verdigris – 1 Year Later


1 year later and it still looks beautiful!

Green Lantern copy2

The original finish of this outdoor light when I purchased it from Horchow several years ago ( I think they still sell them) was a dark bronze.   I wanted to take some the “newness” off and give it a more vintage look. It is easy to create a verdigris finish with a variety of products. Some are easier to use than others and they vary in durability. I have tried many of them, but my favorite is Annie  Sloan Chalk Paint®.  Since this light fixture was already a dark finish, I skipped painting it with a first coat of Graphite that I usually do for brass. Using Duck Egg Blue ( you could also use Provence, Florence, Louis Blue) and a small sponge I dabbed it on, still allowing some of the bronze to remain visible. To add some highlights, a mix of the Duck Egg and Pure White was lightly added. 
That was all! Maybe 30 minutes from start to finish.  No wax, no polyurethane, no topcoat whatsoever.  Also no touch up needed since painting it 3 years ago. An easy, fast way to create a look of age and patina with Chalk Paint verdigris.


Gail LeMay

Thanks so much for your year later update!! Great news like this is so encouraging when makiinc decsions!!

I will be in Lousville for a graduation party next weekend and was wonderinf if there was any shop or area you would reccommend visiting.

Many thanks for your conisideration!!

Sandi Holtzmuller

Thanks for sharing! It is great to see how this has weathered. Looks really good!

Faye Rainbolt

I was trying to pin this from my phone onto Pinterest. But couldn’t figure it out. I love this! It looks great and it’s nice to know how it’s doing after three years!


Do you think this would work over black or definitely need to bronze brown underneath?

Jill Reed

Will this truly work over outside lanterns that get rain, sun, lots of heat in Texas? This is a miracle if ASCP holds up under those conditions! I’ve tried other paints but never considered Chalk Paint


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