Patina and Verdigris

The original finish of this outdoor light when I purchased it from Horchow several years ago ( I think they still sell them) was a dark bronze.   I wanted to take some the “newness” off and give it a more vintage look. It is easy to create a verdigris finish with a variety of products. Some are easier to use than others and they vary in durability. I have tried many of them, but my favorite is Annie  Sloan Chalk Paint®.  Since this light fixture was already a dark finish, I skipped painting it with a first coat of Graphite that I usually do for brass. Using Duck Egg Blue ( you could also use Provence, Florence, Louis Blue) and a small sponge I dabbed it on, still allowing some of the bronze to remain visible. To add some highlights, a mix of the Duck Egg and Pure White was lightly added. 

That was all! Maybe 30 minutes from start to finish.  No wax, no polyurethane, no topcoat whatsoever.  Also no touch up needed since painting it 3 years ago. An easy, fast way to create a look of age and patina with Chalk Paint verdigris.


I’ve never tried ASCP outdoors before! I’m curious what weather conditions it is exposed to. Where do you live? I live in the mid-atlantic and we get the full gambit – especially heavy rain. Thanks! — Pauline

Leslie Stocker

Hi I’m in Louisville, KY. I was surprised too how durable Chalk Paint is.I had tried it first on some planters and an outdoor chair 4 years ago. After they made it through a tough winter and spring and still looked great, I painted this light. Thanks,

Heaven's Walk

This is so good to know, Leslie. I was always afraid to use ASCP outside for fear it would just wash off eventually. Thanks for the inspiration! Your light turned out beautiful.

xoxo laurie


I really love this look. I’ve never thought to use Chalk Paint on my light fixtures and they need it
badly. I was thinking of replacing my lights but I think I’ll give this a try first.
Love your post. Thank you!


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