Pantone, Make It Your Own


Pantone, the authority on color trends, annually announces their choice for color of the year.This year they chose not one, but two colors, Rose Quartz, and Serenity.

Color chips for the blog

What does the average DIY decor enthusiast do with that endorsement for a color, or in this case colors? Usually, it turns out, not all that much. Trends come and go and it’s too much work, not to mention expensive, to change major aspects of your interior decor yearly.


Another option is to take the suggestion of a color and make it your own. Here’s how I did it in a recent paint project when I was deciding on a blue.

Soft Greek

Pure & Original Paint has 2 blues in their Greek blue family of colors. Soft Greek and Greek Sky. Using their Classico chalk based paint, I painted a solid layer of Soft Greek and added shadows with Greek Sky on this traditional sideboard. Classico is so rich and lush, painting with it is a dream. Together the colors combine to make a soft blue that looks like an old, worn, pair of your favorite jeans. A color that goes with everything. My version of Pantone’s Serenity.

If haven’t already, check out Pure & Original Paints. Classico is their chalk based paint and the one I usually choose for furniture because it’s so easy. It comes in 140 (yikes!) lovely colors that echo the colors you find in nature.

So what do you think, on trend but not too trendy?



Lovely. What do you do with all the great pieces that you paint? Because I have a limited amount of space in my home I find that I don’t do as much painting as I would like to.


This is an exceptional piece. I would love a LONGER, more in depth video tutorial from you showing your painting technique. It is really beautiful!!


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