Pantone Color for 2016


Pantone, the leading authority on color, chose their color for 2016, with a surprise. This year there is not one, but several colors for the year; Rose Quartz, Serenity, and all the colors they make when blended together.


Pantone gave us a hint of the direction they were going, when they announced their top 10 spring fashion trends for 2016. Choosing more than one color of the year is a first.

Color chips for the blog

Marsala, color for 2015, reminded me of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Primer Red.



This year I can’t help but notice the similarity with Pure & Original Paint’s colors, Old Rose and Soft Greek


I tried out on part of a practice piece of furniture and I’m curious to know your opinion. Would you choose paint colors based on trends?

rose quartz serenity copy


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Leslie, I like what you did with the softer versions of the colors. I didn’t think I was going to like the Pantone combo, but yours is very nice. I think for décor, the Pantone colors lately have been pretty useless. I did try doing a statement piece in Emerald Green the year they had that, but I have already tired of it and repainted it.

Barbara Hansen

Leslie, I am your fan and your colorways inspiration are amazing! I also watch Pantone trends. I have never used pure and original paint before so I would try to mix ASCP to achieve similar shade of pink and blue (Greek blue, Louis blue little Aubusson Old White and for pink Antoinette, little Emperors silk and French Linen maybe?)..I like this soft combination..I think would look great on bedroom furniture. Love your egzemple – your fan Barbara Hansen

Janice Bowden

I don’t think this is going to be a color combination, or either color separately, that will catch on for home décor, especially in the US. Neutrals are so engrained in home décor I can’t see these being used much.


Hi Leslie,
you posted a project Marrakech Walls on Glass a while ago.I asked you in the ‘comments’ about the finish of the table. I am so sorry to bother you again but would really like to know how you did the finish on the table your vases were displayed on. I have a very old desk that needs to be done like that. Could you PLEASE take me through the steps? PLEASE! Annie Sloan paint please. Thank you for your precious time.


I have never been a fan of pinks. That said, I tend to gravitate to corals instead. So, to answer your question as to whether I would choose a paint color based on trends, I would have to answer no. I know what I like and this would not be a choice I would make. It feels too cool for my taste.

Denise Hardy

Hi Leslie – I quite like the colours but not particularly on top of each other. These colours are not what I would go with and I certainly wouldn’t go with ‘paint colour trends’ – I much prefer to go with colours that I like – although, after saying that I do like quite a lot of different colours, but I am attracted mainly to warm colours rather than cold 🙂


These colors are just not grabbing me. I prefer a more sophisticated pallet. I cannot see using them in 2016.


Aloha Leslie ~ I love your beautiful work.
IMNSHO Pantone totally missed the mark for 2016: most boring colours EVER!

Jean Farrell

I absolutely love these two colors together! I would definitely paint with them.


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