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Grandin Road copy


I like to browse the home decor catalogues that arrive in my mailbox for new combinations of color and fresh paint ideas. The Chloe Tall Chest (MSRP $399), is featured in the current issue Grandin Road and also on their website. It comes in five colors but I particularly liked the Antique Blue.

Using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®,  it would be easy duplicate on a vintage piece. You could start by painting a first coat of Barcelona Orange and layering Florence and Aubusson Blue over it. You would have to sand back to expose the Barcelona Orange. I have a harder time controlling the finish that way because I seem to sand to vigorously and go through the paint and end up with bare wood.

The technique I use most often is to layer the most dominant colors, in this case Aubusson Blue and Florence, and add touches of Barcelona Orange in key areas of normal wear. I try to do very little actual distressing. This way I avoid sanding too much, repainting, sanding, painting….. It works better for me to add a little more paint here and there until I’m happy with the result.

What I love about this color combination is that orange and blue are opposites on the color wheel. It can be bold and eye catching and a finish you would use on a statement piece. Be careful of using contrasting colors in equal amounts, it can easily become too jarring. I like to keep it 90% main color to 10% contrast color (as in the Chloe Tall Chest).

For more ideas of contrast color combinations, see my posts, Opposites Attract, another orange & blue palette, Custom Purple and Lime Green, and Cinco de Mayo.



Just want to thank you for all the information you provide. I’ve learned so much from your teaching!

martha garrett

I so love this chest, the combination of colors is great.
Here is a picture of a burberry dresser I wan t to paint.
I need ideas for the colors. Melissa best piece on Facebook.


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