Paint and Pattern II

This is the same generic bow front chest from Wednesday’s post. Again, some of the options involve paint and stencil, wallpaper, and decoupage. But you don’t have to limit yourself to preprinted wallcoverings. Almost any high quality print image can be enlarged to suit your needs at a local copy shop. Many posters are large enough on their own.  The Chateau is from a wine label and the Babar image is from a children’s book. Old books in general are a great source and are abundant for a fraction of their original price. Even if you can’t bring yourself to tear apart an old book ( I never can), you can have the image scanned and enlarged. Remember these are virtual images created on my computer. This next step is to actually start working on that bow front chest in my garage. To be continued…..


Tres Denizac

You have such a good eye for design.
I can’t wait to see witch one you choose ( I like the chinoiserie ).
Which program are you using to generate these?

Leslie Stocker

Thanks Tres,
My background is in graphic design, so I do almost everything in Photoshop, Thanks for the lovely compliment.Best Wishes for the New Year.


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