Out of the Closet

Last week while cleaning out a closet, I rediscovered this small tray. I had painted it during the same time period (years ago), that I was working on my Chippendale Chairs so it also got a coat of Louis Blue. Not really happy with the result I stashed it in the back of a closet to deal with later.  Much later as it turns out, because I had totally forgotten about it, until finding it last week.  

Out of the closet at last, it was still looked a little too blue. Adding some different color in layers would help. I pulled out Provence and mixed in a little Old White. Adding a light layer of the Provence mix helped soften the solid blue.  But it still needed more. French Linen mixed with Old White as a last layer added the depth and texture it needed. Sometimes just a little paint makes all the difference. Finished at last!

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