Old Jelly Cabinet – New Colors


P&OJelly Cabinet copy


The last time you saw this old jelly cabinet it looked like this. I recently moved to a new spot and the French Pink did not go with the rest of the room.. I’ve been working with Pure & Original Classico, a chalk based paint, focusing on their whites, off-whites and beiges, and this seemed like a good opportunity to try them out.

I painted a solid layer of Ashes, added highlights with White, and shadows with River Silt. Layering colors gives interest and depth to any painted finish. Pure & Original says it is not necessary to seal their paints and I’m taking them at their word. Not having to add wax or sealer made an easy project even easier. It’s only been a few weeks but so far so good. I’ll keep you updated as to the durability of Pure and Original’s paints, but I love the idea of saving time and money by eliminating a sealer coat.

Layering colors makes an incredible difference in your finish, and it’s simple and no fail. If your not sure how to begin, I’ve made several instructional videos on this technique: Layering Chalk Paints, Step 1, Layering Steps 2 & 3, and Adding Dry Brush Highlights.

Pure and Original is offering the readers of Colorways a 10% discount on all orders this week. Just enter the word Leslie when asked for the coupon code.





Janice Bowden

I do have a question about P&O. Does it have the luminosity like wax gives?

Leslie Stocker

I’ve used Annie’s wax with P&O and then it does. Also their Dead Flat Eco Seal provides some luminosity, but without any sealer it is very flat (matte)

Leslie xxoo

Kathleen Herman

Leslie do you know if they will be selling smaller sizes any time in the future? Thanks.

Leslie Stocker

I know they will be offering a 1-Liter size for the Fresco, but other than that, I dont know. Any news I hear, I’ll be sure to post in the blog.

Leslie xxoo

Tamera Scofield

Hi, Leslie !
I am really impressed with:
1) the products & colors you use
2) your techniques
3) the way you explain in detail how you achieved the looks, step by step, & very
easy to understand
You have a very warm way of sharing your talent. It is appreciated more than you know ! Thank you so much ! I will continue to follow you !


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