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With the new year approaching, I’m finishing up a few projects that were “mostly” done but not totally. One of them is this very primitive storage bin from an old farm. The wood is very rough cut and the top is zinc covered. I started with a light coat of Primer Red, because I wanted the great character and age of the wood to remain visible. I used accents of Arles and Barcelona Orange for texture and depth. It also gave more variety to the Primer Red with a bit of an ombre effect. I didn’t seal the finish because I’m not sure where it’s going, possibly outside. As long as you give it time to cure before it’s exposed to the elements, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is amazingly tough and durable.

ombre copy

Another project I’ve been working on is my holiday card for this year. I was tempted to reuse the one I made for Christmas past, because it is one of my favorites and I doubt many people saw it, the blog was so new. I made it at the last minute by putting my snow globe of NY on my black granite counter top and photographing it with my phone. I enlarged the image, brightened it and cropped it using Adobe Photoshop. The part that always takes me the longest is choosing a font. From my years in graphic design, I’ve collected an embarrassing number of fonts. I tend to get lost in font world for way too long, whenever I add text to an image. (A gold star to anyone who can identify the typefaces in the greeting)

I’ll have a new image for Christmas 2015, but I’m so fond of this one, I’m sharing it one more time. Seeing New York, even in a snow globe, always makes me smile:)


xmas card


I did a few projects for the holidays last year, most of them involving gold spray paint. If you are looking for sparkley ideas, check out these posts:  DIY Efex Gilt Mirror,  Sparkle Your Holiday Decor, and An Easy Picture Frame Upgrade


Leigh OBrien

Hi Leslie, I love your card but can’t seem to find the comments to see if anyone correctly named the font. Can you tell me what it’s called?

Leslie Stocker

The script font is Bombshell, the sans serif is Helvetica Light, and the font I use for Colorways is FG Jasmine 2. You are the first person to ask. Thanks for reading my blog.


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