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I’m excited to share one of the new instructional videos created by Pure & Original USA. I was so honored and grateful to be asked to participate. Thankfully, my role is minor and the pressure was somewhat off. I was able to relax and enjoy being a part of the whole creative experience. Working with John Darr and his brilliant crew was a blast and we were able to complete all the filming in one evening. But film editing is where the real magic occurs. Taking raw footage, adding transitions, graphics, and text to come up with a polished final version is due to the remarkable talent and genius of Nate, our film editor, and his team.

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You can view the introductory video on the Pure & Original USA website, and all six instructional videos on YouTube. The basic techniques of applying  Classico, Fresco Lime, Marrakech paints, as well as Wallprim primer, and Dead Flat Eco-Seal, are covered in English in short, concise, how-to tutorials. And if you have a chance, give me your review, below, in the comments section. Enjoy!






Angela Bell

This instructional method definitely will take time to absorb. I have not looked at all of them, but my comment on the classic application demonstration is a) a white paint painted on a white demo board – makes it a little difficult to appreciate; b) not using something real, like a piece of furniture, so we can see the real effect; c) the written instruction on the screen was not left on long enough to read and comprehend. I had to go back again and again. Otherwise, looking forward to seeing the others. But I am used to your videos, because you use real props and we can watch you while you talk about the project. Having to read instructions on the screen detracts from following what the instructor is doing.

Linda Thompson

I was looking forward to these, but honestly, I was disappointed in the videos. I agree with Angela Bell’s comments above about the white on white. Also, the Fresco video didn’t show the paint dried after the second coat so there is no way to know what it looks like on the wall. The Marrkech video was difficult to understand because the written directions didn’t seem to line up well with the visual demonstration as to when and how to use the spatula. I would much rather have had a verbal narrative to explain what and why along the way. Also it would have been more helpful to see this on a larger wall or piece of furniture. Based on the videos, I’m not sure now that I would spend the money on this paint because the effects weren’t really showcased!


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