Modern Chalk Paint


Modern Chalk Paint Blues



Chalk Paint doesn’t have to be just for distressed and vintage. It can be used anytime you want a soft matte finish like the ones pictured above and below by Werner Aisslinger for Moroso. Paint in an ombre style or use bold color combinations for a sleek modern look. To avoid a glossy finish, seal with wax or a dead flat varnish.


modern reds greens



For more ideas on ways to use Chalk Paint in  contemporary settings, see my posts, On the Bias,  Antique and Mondrian,  and Color Studies Lime Green.




Can you tell me about dead flat varnish. I feel like the wax coat on my kitchen table gets to many fine scratches all the time, and I’m constantly having to buff them out. I’m fine with the wax on pieces that get less use. I’m wondering how this dead flat varnish would work.
Thanks for all your advice.


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