Mixing for Green

Mixing for green can be a little difficult. Blue and Yellow can theoretically mixed to make green, but the green that is the result of blending English Yellow and Napoleonic Blue will not be a clear deep green. It will be more muted and grayed. The chart below offers a concise record of the results.

I followed the same procedure as with red/blue and red/yellow. The middle column shows the results of adding pure white to the yellow/blue mix to create tints. At the bottom of the chart are actual Annie Sloan Chalk Paint colors for comparison. Note that it is possible to come fairly close to being able to mix your own version of Versailles, Cream, Old Ochre, and surprisingly Aubusson Blue. Country Grey and Duck Egg Blue do not match as well.
And no mixture will create the clear Antibes Green, teal Florence, or  deep, dark Olive.
But mixing will create a range of yellow/greens and greyed blue/greens that will increase the colors available to you in Chalk Paint. Also adding a Florence or Antibes Green to the basic red/yellow/blue will give you an enhanced color palette of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
Here are some inspirational photos found on Pinterest for ways to use the custom mixed greens made by mixing English Yellow, Napoleonic Blue, and Pure White. 


Lori fiorelli

Well my first try I painted with as old white two coats ,but first brushed shellac…was I suppose to buff between sort wax coats. This nightstand never had paint before,spindle legs have a lot of cracklei. I went back to shop ,they don’t know what caused it.i also mixed tiny bit dark wax with soft , oh made it so ugly.i want to get it right before I attempt fullbfrench bedroom set.would have some suggestions. My French set looks like it was painted cream then glassed years ago( little to yellow. Do you thing old white or cream would be good for provincial furniture( being I’m not good with dark wax.

Anneke Leffel

Good morning Leslie! Thank you so much for publishing this chart! This is so helpful. I have been doing decorative painting for many years, but am a recent convert to Annie Sloan and I love it! For my next project, I want to paint fabric and this chart is the perfect way for me to achieve the right color. Thank you again – you are incredibly gifted.


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