Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint – Swatch Book II


Egg Cards Swatch Book aligned copy



Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Swatch Book II. Wooden eggs hand painted with the 18 colors of  MMS Milk Paint and photographed. Swatches taken from hand painted samples scanned into computer. Swatch book design created in Adobe PhotoShop.

I love to create my own paint swatch books for reference. See my other Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint books by clicking on these posts, MMS Milk Paint Swatch Book I,  MMS Milk Paint Colors, MMS Milk Paint Color Stories White

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As always, please feel free to download any of my color swatches and books to use for reference.




Michelle Williamson

i love your colors and I am thinking of starting my own business at home. My son has autism spectrum and he is 5 so I will be home for a while. I got do something because my husband travel some and I need to get my mind on something that I enjoy doing and I love to paint and redo furniture.

Leslie Stocker

Hi Michelle, Although I don’t really know what it’s like to be in your situation, I do at least a little. I was a a Child and Family Therapist(LCSW) for 10 years before I started painting and worked with several families with autistic children. It is incredibly stressful and when your husband travels, even more so. I hope you have a good support network of family and/or friends. As autism has reached almost epidemic proportions, support groups are much more available. If you are not already involved in one I urge you to seek one out.
Back to painting….I love painting and my career has evolved to the point it is profitable. But it does take time, and I was thankful i was not supporting a family when I started. Also in general people want to pay you very little for you time. Hold your ground and make sure you are paid according to your time. Otherwise you will burnout or become incredibly angry and negative. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is no fail, so I think it’s a great area to begin. Best of luck and please keep in touch. Happy New Year,Leslie xxoo


Omg Leslie! I feel as if I am taking an art class! Your technique info and the color swatches are incredible. You have saved me so much time experimenting ! Thanks so much for sharing.


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