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Finally finished last week, was the repainting of the small half bath on my first floor.  I first blogged about it here, here, and again here. It used to look like this but it was time for a change.

wallsbefore copy




Pure and Original makes this phenomenal paint called Marrakech Walls.  It’s waterbased, and when dry it looks like stone. There are no extra additives necessary to purchase and add to the paint. All you do is open the can, add up to 20% water to thin it slightly, stir well and you’re good to go. Because I was painting over Annie Sloan Chalk Paint that I’d sealed with her wax, I had some extra prep to do first. I wiped down the walls with Mineral Spirits, but there was still  greasy residue in some spots. Next I washed the walls with TSP, followed by sanding, This is much more prep than I usually do but I was afraid the  paint would not adhere and peel if I skipped anything. It was worse than having to remove wallpaper in order to paint.  Needless to say, I won’t be putting wax on my walls again, anytime soon.



Using a roller, I applied one quick coat of Wallprim, Pure & Original’s Primer, let it dry and then I was ready to have some fun. There is more than one method to apply Marrakech, but since this was my first time doing an entire room, I used a roller to make this easy. I need to do a post showing all of the application steps. Although not difficult, there are some things you need to do differently than painting with latex paint.



One of my favorite Pure & Original colors is Earth Stone and it lends itself perfectly to Marrakech paint. It’s a deep rich grey, that reminds me of creek stone. Marrakech drys to a huge range of shades of your color. No need to mix your own shades and tints and apply extra layers of paint. You know I’m all about layering to create depth and texture, but it was totally unnecessary with the Marrakech.



Doesn’t it look as though I applied more than one color and one coat of paint? In all my years of painting, I’ve never seen or used anything like this remarkable paint.



It also did wonderful job of covering my less than perfect walls. I used less than 2 liters to complete the entire room.



This isn’t my first project using Pure & Original Paint. If you want to see what their Fresco Lime paint looks like in a project, check to these posts: Fresco Lime Paint, Fresco Refresh, and A Fresco Wash. If you are interested in any of the Pure & Original Paints for your next project, you can learn more and purchase them at

And don’t forget to sign up for the contest Pure & Original is sponsoring for readers of Colorways. You might just win! You can enter by clicking here




love your work ….. Love this paint also .thanks for sharing your ideas and your work, it’s very informative .


Love the new walls! They are stunning! Just not sure the steps needed to get there and where and what I would need to purchase to get that same look. Are you using an additive to your paint ?

Robin Strecker

It looks beautiful! I love the texture and shade variations! Amazing it all comes from a single paint!

Karen Fleming

Leslie thanks for all the hard work and information. It’s invaluable. The Pure and Simple Paint is fabulous! Did you use regular latex semi-gloss paint for the trim?

Catherine Brown

Where have you been all my life? Really I’ve been trying to achieve this effect by mixing my own. Can’t wait to buy some. The color selection looks great.

Jenny Allan

Looks fantastic! Leslie, have you done a wall also in the Marrakech paint? Marrakech is the way I’m leaning but wonder how the two are different, especially in application.

Jenny Allan

I was so excited about seeing this post, I asked the wrong question! Meant to ask if you had done a wall in the Fresco Lime paint and also if you’ve done either without the primer? I really would love to try the Marrakech, I love the results but am concerned with the added expense and if I really need the primer to get good results. Thanks for showing all the fantastic projects you do.


I would love to see the process! It’s beautiful and looks like what I want in my living room, which is huge!

Tkraft Art & Interiors

Leslie the walls are stunning they came out beautiful. You said they look like stone walls so I’m curious would you also say they looked like old plaster walls as well versus standard flat finished painted Sheetrock walls? Can you feel any texture if you run your hands over the new painted surface? I have some new wall in a 18th century home that I’m dying to repaint. I was holding out for the new ASCP wall paint but I’m thinking this is the way to go instead. I love the textured look on your walls. 2nd question how does this cover over dark painted walls? Would they need to be primed first. Any advise would be appreciated I’m laying in bed nightly contemplating repainted the brown walls to a light warm grey???
– TK

Amy Malone

I ve been looking at this paint even before it became available here in the U.S. Is there a calculation to use to try and figure out how much paint to buy? My home is a log cabin and think this would be beautiful in my bedroom/bath where I have to regular walls I can paint. It looks like you used a brush? I know you said roller, are the brush strokes that appear from previous painting? Thanks Leslie! As always you inspire me to PAINT!

Fiona, Lilyfield Life

hi Leslie – it looks beautiful. we have a similar line of paint here in Australia called Porter’s Paints. So beautiful and lots of specialty finishes. Are you keen to paint your whole house like that now? I would be. cheers fiona

Michelle Brennick

Love your half bath. Would like to duplicate this in my powder room. I currently have a russet wall colour. What interim steps do I need to take before applying Marrakech? Would really appreciate the guidance. Thank you.


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