Marrakech Walls on Glass



Marrakech Walls by Pure & Original Paint is a revolutionary paint designed to give the look of concrete and tadalakt. It is made specifically for walls, has several different applications, with remarkable results. I was introduced to it at a training I was invited to attend, at the Pure & Original USA headquarters. We focused totally on walls and the effects were stunning. I have never used a paint like this in my life. Here are some examples from around the internet that I found on Pinterest.






d8825cd6b8f3beff8ec240c72ecb4523I love, love, love it. I never thought it was possible to get this depth and texture from paint. I plan to do several more posts and probably some videos on Marrakech Walls as we go forward. But first things first.


IMG_5626 before copyYou know these. Everybody has some stuffed in cabinets somewhere. Old glass florist vases.( If you don’t, you can also find them at the Dollar Store, and Goodwill for about $1).

11140115_1626856144262683_4613050393091256980_nPure & Original allowed me to take home the almost empty cans we had used in training, Black Smoke, and Earthstone. There was just the tiniest amount along the inside of the sides and bottom of the can. Not enough for a wall project.  So being a girl who likes to break rules, I decided to experiment with other surfaces. I cleaned the glass and started to paint (no primer) with my Lee Valley 2″ Brush. I painted the smaller with Earthstone in a vertical motion on the bottom and then realized that if I wanted it to look like pottery, I should use a horizontal stroke as if it were on a pottery wheel. That why the upper and  lower parts look different.


vase3For the larger vase in Black Smoke, I painted horizontally. On both I put a thick first coat, and touched up in spot, areas as I didn’t have enough paint for a complete second coat, drying overnight  between coats.  I also painted inside about 3″ down so you couldn’t see the glass unless you picked it up and looked in. The next day I lightly sanded with a fine grit sanding sponge.


IMG_0027This is the type of project you do to use up your paint. You’ve finished painting your walls, still some paint on your brush and you want to repeat with an accent in your room. It’s a 10 minute easy project, with something you have on hand and costs almost nothing because it’s paint you were about to throw away. It’s that little paint.

IMG_1176When I showed my husband he thought I was taking a pottery class. They are really heavy, and have the look and feel of a hand crafted pottery piece.

This is just the beginning of the Marrakech projects I’m going to share. I also experimented on plastic, wood and metal, some inside, and some I left out in the rain to see how they held up. The results were amazing. Stay tuned for more:)

You can purchase Pure & Original Marrakech Walls, at (that’s the only stockist in the U.S. at this time)


Mary Ruth

Those came out BEAUTIFULLY! Great texture to the color too.. NICE project, motivating me!

Cindy Winegar

I love the look of Marrakech paints. I teach workshops and classes. I look forward to small amounts and samples being available. Please notify me as soon as I can purchase some. Great Look!!!

Robert L.

Excellent idea using on vases! You got me thinking out of the box now. 😉

becky backert

Lovely results. I’ve ordered the ‘ snack pack’ of Tin Kettle and look forward to playing with it. I think Annie Sloan is going to be in serious trouble!


Hi Leslie,
Love what you have done with the vases, but the table caught my eye. May I ask how did you get that beautiful finish. Please?! Thank you for sharing, I learn such a lot from you .


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