Leftovers Again?


Even before I started blogging, I had a sizable stash of supplies. All those cans with a small amount of paint in the bottom. The leftovers from previous projects. Storage of these extra cans was manageable when I was painting primarily with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint which has 30+ colors. Theoretically, you would never have more than 1 opened partially used can per color, right? If you discipline yourself to use up the old paint before you open a new can, things never get too crazy. But now I’ve added another brand to my arsenal of paint, Pure & Original. Not only do they have 120+ colors, they also have 3 different kinds of paint, Classico chalk based, Fresco Lime, and Marrakech. Can you see how easily things could spiral out of control? Left over paint cans everywhere, completely taking over my basement, garage and finally my house.

In an effort to stay ahead of this and keep things under control, I’m trying to finish up a can each time I do a project. Of course that’s not always possible but at least it’s a goal. Instead of endlessly storing left over paint from every big project, I now try to find a way to finish the can, by doing a small project. Hence, today’s post.


I picked this little rack several years ago to hang by back door for coats, backpacks, etc. It was white when I bought it and stayed that way, until I started my new paint can control system. Having finished a large project with P&O Fresco, in that gorgeous Black Smoke, I needed to finish off the can so it could go into the recycling bin, and not take up precious space on the shelf. I also had a little Fresco Atria, leftover from earlier this summer.

You are supposed to use Wallprim primer unless you are painting over mineral paint, but I took a chance and started in with the Fresco. I layered Black Smoke and Atria in a random pattern. I’ve since learned that Fresco shouldn’t be sanded, but if you’ve been reading the blog awhile, you know I don’t always follow the rules. I used a 220 grit sandpaper to scratch up the finish and expose the original white on the edges, and left it at that. No wax or sealer applied.



I love the granular look of the Fresco on this easy project. Maybe 15 minutes, not including dry time and no extra paint cans to keep track of, a win – win:)

Atria is an organic, patina looking green, that reminds me a lot of Annie’s Duck Egg Blue. For more ideas using this verdigris green, check out these posts: Late to the Party,  Patina and Verdigris – 1 year later, and Reader Request

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Looks awesome! I’m getting ready to order some P&O paint. Can’t wait to try it out!!


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