Layering Technique for Chalk Paint Colors on Wood STEP 1


In this video, I’ll show you the basics of my technique for layering chalk paint colors on wood. I get asked this question ALL THE TIME so please let me know if I did a good job showing how to do to layer chalk paint. This is a very basic technique for layering chalk paint and other pieces may require a more advanced application. I’ll try to show that in the next video.

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Sandy, Leonardtown, MD

Hi, Leslie. I was so excited to view this video, but it stopped after the first layer of white. Is there more information to come? I am holding my breath waiting for further instruction. 😉

Beckie Stanevich

I agree, just giving the first step is not enoug info for the video. As usual, the quality of the video is great, it just leaves us hanging. But, THANKS for sharing. That is the important part. I guess we’ll have to wait for part 2 and 3 and …

Louise Santo

I agree with the others. I was expecting a second or third layer after the first. Is there another video after this one?


Leslie always posts her videos a few days early on her Youtube page so if you subscribe you’ll get a notification.and be able to see them before she posts them here. Step 2 is up and it’s a great video.


Thanks! I hope the next video(s) show how to add additional colors to achieve the layering effect.


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