Is it Easier to Paint a Small Room?


I vote a big negatory on that one. All rational thought says that it should be, but my experience says otherwise. Less square footage should equal less paint and time, and maybe it does, but it feels like so, so much longer and harder. Perception is everything, right?



This is a tiny 1/2 bath on my first floor, I blogged about it, here. Originally wallpapered, I painted it a few years ago with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®, Graphite and Old White, using this stencil. After removing the wallpaper, the walls were in less than pristine condition, and I wanted to camouflage that with pattern. It actually worked very well.




But it’s time for a change and I’m dying to paint walls and a room with my new found love, Pure & Original Paint. A small room seems like a great place to start. But I have these vague memories of just the opposite.  Dripping paint, stepping in the roller tray, accidentally swiping newly painted walls with my arm or brush, and finally knocking over the paint can. No room to move and maneuver, no room for tools, especially when you add a ladder to the cramped space. You can see why I hesitate to go through it again.




I’ve chosen my color from the gorgeous Pure & Original color palette, but can’t quite decide between the Fresco Lime Paint, which I love. And the Marrakech Wall paint which I also really, really love, but with which I have far less experience. Please feel free to weigh in with your opinion in the comment section.



Blogging about projects, even ones in the planning stages, makes me feel committed. I now have a responsibility to follow through. So wish me luck and I will keep you posted:)

Painting bathrooms is something I’ve tackled on more than one occasion. If you would like to see more bathroom ideas, click on these posts: Master Bath Vanity Upgrade,  In the Looking Glass, and DIY Faux Mercury Glass Sconce



Would love to see an example of the Marrakech Wall paint. Just read your other post about that paint and I am thinking of doing my bathroom with it so I would like to get an idea of how it looks!


I’m contemplating the same on the two paints. My master bedroom needs repainting, I am leaning toward the lime paint. So far I am really liking the variations in tone that paint provides

becky backert

I vote you pick your colors and hire a professional for the background wall and do the stencils yourself if you are going to stencil. It’s lovely currently. I always save my sanity with professional painters on walls. I hate painting small areas myself. Messy, clumsy, awkward and just makes me mad. You have more patience than I do.

Robert L.

I am in the middle of doing a feature wall with Marrakech paint. It has turned into a project because my walls are textured and after doing a small test I realized that was not going to work unless I at least knocked them down. When I did the first when I trawled the paint after the initial application as indicated I would reveal the high textured points on my wall and it obviously looked bad. So, I am now scraping the walls and putting down a high fill primer before I start the Marrakech paint process. But from the test it will be worth it – I really like the finish. I decided to do the master bath walls in a similar look but I was not about to go through all of this in the whole bathroom – so I looked at the Fresco Lime paint. With the Lime paint you just paint it on and there is no sanding or tooling like with the Marrakech so I won’t run into the problems that I did with Marrakech on textured walls. I still plan to take a putty knife or similar and knock the high textured areas down and using a primer but nothing like the work for the feature wall. For future projects in my house I will probably stick with the Fresco Lime paint just because of those stupid textured walls! 😉


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